Hey there. Perhaps you downloaded Red Faction on Steam, or perhaps you bought the discs on Ebay. Whatever the case, welcome. Without getting into a one-sided discussion on the semantics of the term "dead game", let's just say that some of us are still kicking around. We've been keeping the torch lit for veterans to visit or new players to jump in.

People have said this game is dead for many years, and for the most part they're right. BUT, you can still play the original Red Faction's multiplayer, AND IT'S LOTS OF FUN.


If you want to join in a game, there are a few things you need to know. First, there is currently only one dedicated server that runs the original, "unmodified" multiplayer (v1.2, the last official patch). Its name is It also has a website that supports it at (obviously).

The other servers require a patch, or add-on, called Purefaction. As it states on, "It adds functionality such as automatic map downloads, support for modern hardware, bug fixes, new maps, an updated level editor, server creation assistance, first person spectate, a new user-friendly ingame interface and many other features." Installing Purefaction gives you the ability to join any server, and it does not inhibit your ability to join servers that aren't running Purefaction themselves.

Of course, you can always run your own non-dedicated server on the fly if you wish, regardless if you are running Purefaction or not.

Most of the remaining Red Faction community has moved to and the Steam community forums.

Please visit the Links page for more Red Faction sites and the Forums page for direct links to Red Faction forums.

ATTENTION NEW PLAYERS! READ THIS: The Red Faction community, such as it is/was, has a long history of negative drama. Years of arguments, name-calling, backstabbing, poor server administration, lying, and cheating have given birth to outright hatred between many players. Some of this still lingers, and very few (if any) of the players who were a problem will admit to their childish attitudes and irrational behaviour.

The community is so small now that it's actually a good time to play, as most of the troublemakers are gone. The reason I'm telling you all of this is to let you know that those of us who remain have very little tolerance for bullshit. So, the bottom line is this: DON'T BE A DICK! Be a dude.

Thanks for reading. Carry on, and have fun.

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