Does Bo Know?

At first, we all said, "Bo knows, yes, he knows."
For awhile it seemed that Bo did indeed know
But now, we don't know if Bo knows what he knows
We hope that Bo knows
We pray that Bo knows
But as time goes on, it would appear that Bo does NOT know
So now Bo knows that we know that he probably doesn't know

Recently, Bo said that he still knows
But then we saw how much Wisconsin knows
If their coaches know, why doesn't Bo know?
That, we do not know

Soon we play Georgia, and we all know that they know
Even Bo knows that they very much know
We know we won't beat them
We just want Bo to show that he knows

If Bo shows us again that he doesn't know,
Then we know how we're going to feel about Bo
Bo, we want you to know
We need you to show us that you know how to grow
Because, in the end, we don't want you to go


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